IntelliPaper® is the world’s leading manufacturer of Intelligent Paper. Since 2009, intelliPaper has been making innovative paper products for the direct mail, commercial printing and product-packaging industries that help advertisers improve communications by integrating digital capabilities inside paper.

We create paper products that combine the familiarity of plain paper with the added benefits of digital file storage, data processing and external communication with PC’s, laptops, tablets and cell phones.

Our flagship products today are disposable-paper USB flash drives made entirely of plain paper. They are lightweight, low-cost, and 100% recyclable. Customers can:
1) Send them in the mail as direct-mail campaigns that auto-register users for coupons and other promotions, 2) Produce fun business cards that digitally connect prospects with sellers, and 3) Create product brochures and point-of-sale advertising that connect buyers with live assistance and extra product information.

IntelliPaper has perfected the process of embedding integrated circuits directly into plain paper. Our patented technology allows us to build electronic components directly inside ordinary card-stock, preserving the standard look & feel of plain paper, but also adding the ability to store digital data and communicate with other computing devices.

In essence, our technology can turn any piece of paper—such as a business card or direct mail flyer—into a combination USB thumb drive and wireless communication device. We believe our products represent a new media: providing the first paper-publishable medium that can also store and share electronic data with computing devices.