What’s Different?

Patented Technology

intelliPaper™ has patented technology which allows us to embed the necessary electronic components into paper, where the look, feel and functionality of the paper is preserved, but with the added ability of sharing not only printed data but digital data. The resulting paper products are akin to card stock (approximately 146lb cover, or roughly 0.5mm thick).

As the final product is only paper containing a small piece of silicon, intelliPaper is much more environmentally friendly than other USB devices which have significant plastic and metal components. The current implementation (Q4, 2014) uses a FAT16 filesystem and has limited storage suitable for distributing a few files or web pages. From the user’s perspective, files on an intelliPaper device can be browsed and/or viewed just as they are on any other USB drive. Larger capacities in the 8-32 megabyte range are expected to become available sometime late next year (2015).

How Does it Work?

In all intelliPaper products, the folding of the paper provides sufficient thickness and tension so that good contact is made between the device and the USB port. Due to the nature of paper and the process involved, we do not expect our product to be reused hundreds of times, but it can be reused, as long as the paper and the USB contacts are still intact.

Programming Your Own intelliPaper

At some point down the road we expect to make available blank media which customers will be able to program with their own data. This will open up many more possible applications for an already versatile and powerful technology